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Award-winning Author and Wine Importer, Deborah Gray, has drawn on her twenty-five years of industry knowledge to publish a series of content-rich books about the wine importing business. Below are her current available titles.

FIRST EDITION, August 2011

In the first book of its kind, author and veteran importer Deborah M. Gray offers the benefit of her vast experience in this comprehensive guide to the perils and best practices of the fascinating career of a wine importer. She gives invaluable insider information and the necessary tools, resources, and real-world advice to create a strong business model and a portfolio to match. She details the critical considerations in branding, packaging, pricing, licensing and regulations, shipping, warehousing, marketing, and more. The book is filled with specific examples of importing triumphs and failures, with particular interest paid to arguably the most important element of business success: acquiring and maintaining effective distribution.

2ND EDITION, October 2018

A completely revised, updated edition of this award-winning book is due to be released in 2017. Along with updated material on key elements of importing and distribution, the end of most chapters deals with a client’s dilemma and how it was resolved to help potential new importers with similar issues. New chapters and entirely new subject matter has been added, dealing with post-recession and the rise of Millennials as wine consumers. This is an essential new handbook for today’s market and those who inhabit the wine business world.

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The Exporter’s Handbook to the U.S Wine Market
November 2015

Attempting to export wine to the U.S. has long been fraught with difficulty, especially for the smaller producers. The U.S. wine industry, complicated by confusing regulations and intense internal brand competition, is also the land of opportunity and home to an adventurous and egalitarian wine consuming population. But without an understanding of how to effectively enter this complex market, the exporter often founders and retreats in frustration. This book provides a guide to approaching and attracting an importer, differentiating terms and regulations which must be understood to prosper, and avenues to achieving and sustaining attainable sales and distribution goals.

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