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Available Books

Available Books

Award-winning Author and Wine Importer, Deborah Gray, has drawn on her 30 years of industry knowledge to publish a series of content-rich books about the wine importing business.

How to Import Wine Third Edition - An Insider's Guide

Drawing on her thirty years’ real-world experience as a licensed U.S. alcohol importer and distributor, Deborah M. Gray provides essential tools for the establishment of a progressive US wine importing business. As in her previous editions, she details the critical considerations in branding, packaging, pricing, licensing and regulations, shipping, warehousing, marketing, and more. The book is filled with specific examples of importing triumphs and failures, with particular interest paid to arguably the most important element of business success: acquiring and maintaining effective distribution.

The 3rd edition, just released December 4, 2022, is extensively revised throughout, with an additional 102 pages.

Available to purchase on Amazon:

How to Import Wine Second Edition: An Insider’s Guide ​

This book is outdated and obsolete and no longer available from the publisher. Please see THIRD EDITION

How to Import Wine: An Insider's Guide

This book is outdated and obsolete and no longer available from the publisher. Please see THIRD EDITION.

The Exporter's Handbook to the US Wine Market​

This book is outdated and obsolete and no longer available from the publisher. A new, completely revised edition is coming soon!

Book Reviews

“I use the book in several of the wine business classes I teach at Sonoma State. I use the chapters on importing for my Global Wine Class and the chapters on working with distributors for my Wine Marketing and Sales class and the feedback I get from students is extremely positive. Hats off to Deborah for writing a valuable resource on wine importing and sales.”

Janeen Olsen, PhD

This book is indispensable if you, like me, have that dream to share your love of wine with America. And you won’t put it down. You will keep referring to it like a beloved text book from your college years. Think lots of yellow highlighters and dogeared pages.

Deborah admits that wine importing it is hard work and takes determination, but the rewards are immeasurable. I highly recommend this book!

Ted Fields, VGV Imports, Atlanta, GA

From not knowing where to start, we managed to set up the whole process. With this book we knew how to organise samples, labels, contracts, plan how to promote and sustain the sales! Without out this guide it would have taken us a lot of time and errors to get to where we are now!

Anna Golubeva

This book sheds light on the mysterious world of importing wine from other countries. This is the only book on the subject. If you’re interested in becoming a wine importer or you’re even the least bit curious about how it’s done, this is the book for you. The book takes you through every step necessary from how to become a wine importer to building your wine portfolio to mapping out logistics and everything in between. It was very well written and easy to understand.

Tony Margiotta

It is excellent book for individuals who are just getting involved with wine importing. It is a good reference source for retailers and wineries who don’t really grasp what is happening in an important stage of the wine distribution process.

As a wine professional I get to speak with many hundreds of non-American wineries who don’t understand what happens here or what they should be looking for in an importer. This book is a perfect tutorial for just that purpose.

I have begun to recommend this book to many of them.

Mark T N

This is a very worthwhile read that lays out just about everything you need to know to become an importer. I made the mistake of buying it first for my Kindle and then realizing I wanted to be able to flip from section to section bought the paperback as well. So, if you are using it for reference as well skip the Kindle edition and go with the paperback.

George F. Reinhart

A professional writer and importer, Deborah is a thorough and detailed teacher. There are many gems and insider tips learned from experience. My fav chapters are about distribution and marketing. I like being able to highlight text and bookmark pages without leaving the doc. Later I can search for the bookmarked pages. Teachers and students should read this book.

Alana Gentry, wine industry professional

My son and I thank you for all the careful thought that went into writing this book. We are beginning wine entrepreneurs that have benefited from your long experience. A heartfelt thank you.

Robert Simeone Simioni Imports, LLC

I wish i had Deborah Gray’s book at hand during my wine importing days, I might have saved myself time and money. I’m sure that many other wine lovers dream of becoming wine importers, too, For them, this biik is essential reading.

Thomas Matthews, Exec, Editor, Wine Spectator

“…I recommend you read “How to Import Wine: An Insider’s Guide” by Deborah M. Gray.”

Roger Bohmrich, MW

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